It is imperative to reconstruct the Internationale of workers and peoples

By Samir Amin 1 For the last thirty years the world system has undergone an extreme centralization of power in all its dimensions, local and international, economic and military, social and cultural. Some thousand giant corporations and some hundreds of financial institutions that have formed cartels among themselves, have reduced national and globalized production systems […]

The Kick Off

By Mamdouh Habashi PROLETARIER ALLER LÄNDER, VEREINIGT EUCH! PROLETARIANS OF ALL COUNTRIES; UNITE!   Samir Amin’s publication of his “founding” paper on 17/7/17 was a historic event in every sense of the word. Not only because it summarizes the situation on the front of the struggle between imperialism and the forces of revolution at the […]

The Endgame of Carbon Capitalism Confronts The Living Hope of the Many

By Vishwas Satgar In the contemporary carbon centric life world of capitalism, gas guzzling automobiles, hi-tech aeroplanes, massive container ships and energy using skyscrapers are some of the obvious weapons of mass destruction. The more these resource intensive and carbon centric social relations prevail the more climate change is accelerated. In this version of senile […]

African Climate Justice: Articulations and Activism

By Mithika Mwenda and Patrick Bond Among several million climate protesters during the global Climate Strike of September 20, 2019 were thousands of Africans. Among two dozen African cities hosting protests, the youthful activists marched in Nairobi, Kenya, in Kampala, Uganda, in Dakar, Senegal, and in South Africa’s Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban (Gdelt 2019). […]

The First Ecosocialist International: A documentary pre history.

By Quincy Saul In 2001, the first “Ecosocialist was written by Joel Kovel and Michael Lowy, inspired by the planetary convergence of anti capitalist movements for social and ecological justice. In the second paragraph, they prefigured the path ahead: “Innumerable points of resistance arise spontaneously across the chaotic ecumene of global capital. Many are immanently […]


by Ferrial Adam “The climate movement needs to shift gears from what has been a largely symbolic movement to one that is directly disrupting destructive industries. (…) Our movement needs to judge its progress not by how many media hits our action got nor how many people read our blogs, but by how many power […]

Towards a new internationalism – the Anti-apartheid solidarity and movement building

By Natalya Dinat The Anti-apartheid movement (AAM) was a loosely organised social movement for solidarity that became an international movement. Its simple aims were necessarily reformist, as opposed to revolutionary. Its strategy and programs were guided in the main by the ANC and alliance partner the SACP. International solidarity was one of the “four pillars […]

You Can’t Have Market Polarization without Political Polarization! A Tale of Two Siblings: Liberalism and Fascism

By Ingar Solty In the early 1990s, hardly anyone would have doubted that liberal market economics was the path towards technological innovation and efficiency, economic stability and political stability. Liberal economic policy, based on the three pillars liberalization of trade, deregulation of (labor, financial etc.) markets and privatization of public assets, would lead to prosperity […]

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