A Climate Justice Critique of South African Political Parties What are the commitments of the ANC, DA and EFF to a Deep Just Transition to Sustain Life?

Introduction South Africa goes to its 6th national elections on May 8th, 2019, with 48 contesting parties. This is in a context in which inequality is worsening, costs of living are going up and unemployment is a major challenge. This election is also happening while South Africa’s worst drought in recorded history is still ravaging […]

100 Years of Rosa Luxemburg’s Marxism: Imperialism, Democracy and Lessons for the South African Left

A Talk at Wits University by Gunnett Kaaf, 07 March 2019 It is now 100 years since Rosa Luxemburg, together with Karl Liebknecht, was murdered by the German mercenaries. Rosa Luxemburg was certainly no less than a giant, both as a revolutionary and an intellectual. As Mary-Alice Waters points out, Rosa Luxemburg was born in […]

Community owned renewable energy as a mechanism to fight poverty and climate change

By Sunny Morgan “The decisions we make today are critical in ensuring a safe and sustainable world for everyone, both now and in the future” Debra Roberts, Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group II. There are currently 14 million people in South Africa without access to the grid or who suffer the indignity of energy poverty. […]

An emancipatory politics for today: Resistance & Prefiguring the future in the present

By Dominic Brown In post-Apartheid South Africa, we see the deepening of the social and economic ills facing our society including, growing inequality, unemployment and an ecological crisis in the form of droughts and floods. These multifaceted, interconnected crises reinforce and exacerbate each other leading to the unraveling of our social fabric. This phenomenon is […]

Marx and the “International”

By Vishwas Satgar KARL MARX was an intrepid traveller in the European context in the mid-19th century. Don’t imagine the bearded one moving around with a roller suitcase, tourist guides and staying at fancy hotels. Marx, the “red mole,” travelled around a tumultuous Europe out of political choice but also because of the strong-arm of […]

No Short Cuts For a Deep Just Transition: Towards a Climate Justice Charter for South Africa

By Vishwas Satgar, Jane Cherry, Courtney Morgan and Aaisha Domingo Introduction The purpose of this article is to make clear that the fight for a deep just transition is a crucial part of the working-class struggle. This article also highlights some examples and tools which two organisations are using to strengthen solidarity within civil society. […]


By Natalya Dinat ANC, South Africa and the world in crisis, where to? I will be focusing on the crises in healthcare as a facet of the capitalist crisis. Characterised by the commodification of health care services,  a result is poor quality, inefficient, expensive and often inappropriate health care.   Firstly, I will provide some examples […]

Beyond the Interregnum: From Paroxysm to Peace

by Thomas W. Fraser – 1. Introduction Writing from the depths of Turi prison at the height of Italian fascism, the neo-Marxist luminary, Antonio Gramsci, silently penned his now infamous Prison Notebooks, in which he inscribed the following declaration: “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot […]

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