1st Solidarity Economy Conference – ‘Beyond the Social Economy – Capitalism’s Crises and the Solidarity Economy Alternative’

Date(s): 26 October, 2011 – 10:00 – 28 October, 2011 – 13:00
Location: WITS University

COPAC will be hosting the 1st international solidarity economy conference in South Africa. Participants include leading solidarity economy activists and thinkers from Brazil, Argentina, USA, UK and Italy. This conference will provide a platform for local movements and activists to engage in a comparative dialogue and learning process. The conversation will span discussion on the nature of the capitalist crisis, the importance for transformative alternatives like the solidarity economy, national experiences of solidarity economy and movement building, worker cooperatives and factory occupations and food sovereignty. The conference will discuss a national strategy for advancing and building the solidarity economy movement in South Africa and it will launch the South African solidarity economy forum. On the evening of the 26th from 6.30 pm there will be a public event. There will be a documentary screening on factory occupations in Argentina followed by a discussion. On the 27th October from 6.30pm there will be a second public event; a panel discussion on climate jobs. All are welcome to attend these public events. See attached.

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