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Gendering the State: The Social Dynamics of the Gender Machinery in South Africa

    This paper discusses the women’s movement in South Africa up until 1994 and how feminist activists helped shape the terms of the political transition by focusing their aims on engendering a gendered state. It then provides a brief overview of women’s representation in various levels of the state as a result of the […]

Create Work Through Worker Cooperatives – Activist Guide

Our latest training guide focusing on how to set up a worker cooperative. This guide emerges out of the need to advance worker cooperatives and has been used in two activist schools hosted by COPAC in December 2014 and July 2015.   Download 

‘Empowered’ Women: Learning From Women in Keiskammahoek, Ivory Park and Mgababa

The biographies profiled here show how women in their struggles become agentic actors in their local spaces. They show the different ways in which and degrees to which women are empowered and the deeply intertwined nature of individual empowerment and larger social goals. The profiles focus on individual histories, goals and aspirations as well as […]

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The Emilia Romagna Cooperatives in Italy

John Restakis, Executive Director of the British Columbia Cooperative Association, discusses how these cooperatives have succeeded in building a powerful, autonomous cooperative economy alongside an advanced capitalist economy. The Emilian Model also demonstrates how cooperation supports the success of small firms and enables them to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Taped at the California […]