Sample: ITEKE Waste Recycling Co-operative BUSINESS PLAN

This is a business plan for the ITEKE Waste Recycling Co-operative. The objectives of this plan are to achieve the following :

  • Facilitate registration;
  • Highlight financial requirements for the sake of fundraising and sourcing of capital;
  • Provide a plan for the start-up and development of the co-operative over time;
  • Provide an evaluation tool to assess the progress and development of the cooperative.

Besides setting out the general economic activities, market analysis, strategies and organisational structure, the plan identifies the key financial requirements of the cooperative for start-up and details a set of priorities for implementation by the board. Some of the main financial requirements for start-up of the co-operative relate to purchasing the following :

  • Multi-purpose Crusher;
  • Bakkie (1or 2 ton);
  • 8 Collection Bins;
  • Education and awareness building;
  • Office infrastructure.

In terms of the Implementation plan, the following priorities have been identified for the board :

  • Ensure members pay fees and purchase shares;
  • Use business plan to raise finance or obtain donations for initial start-up capital requirements;
  • Set up board committees;
  • Obtain insurance as co-op expands;